Community Paramedicine

What is Community Paramedicine?

The Community Paramedicine program is an initiative intended to close the gaps often seen in our communities by expanding the roles of EMS professionals. The Community Paramedic adapts to the needs of each client through collaboration with the client’s Primary Health Care team, resulting in better care for the client which will lead to fewer hospital admissions and visits.

What does a Community Paramedic provide?

  • Wellness Checks
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring & Blood Glucose
  • Monitoring
  • Fall/Risk Assessments
  • Recommendations and Referrals to other

Frequently Asked Questions about the Community Paramedicine Program

How do I access Community Paramedicine services?

Referrals are required to receive Community Paramedicine services. Clients can be referred to the program by:

  • Home Care
  • Primary Care Provider/Physician
  • EMS
  • Primary Health Care Team
  • Other Health Care Professionals
  • Self-Referral

Heartland Health Region EMS Sites Currently Offering Community Paramedicine Services:

Biggar, Davidson, Eston, Kerrobert, Kindersley, Macklin, Outlook, Rosetown, Unity, and Wilkie

Contact your local EMS Service for more information!

EMS Service​EMS Coordinator PhoneEMS Staff PhoneFax
​Biggar​948-3323 ext2749​306-948-3323 ext2795​948-2011
​Eston​962-3667 ext236​962-3667 ext239​962-3900
​Kerrobert​834-2646 ext2807 ​834-1007
​Kindersley​463-1000 ext2534​463-4550
​Macklin​753-2115 ext224​753-2181
​Outlook ​867-8676 ext231​867-9449
​Rosetown​882-2672 ext2234​882-2672 ext2212​882-2417
​Unity​228-2666 ext2985​228-2292
​Wilkie​843-2644 ext226​843-3222​​