First Responder Education

EMS in Heartland Health Region First Responder Education

On this page you will find information about Mandatory Education Requirements and Regional Education for First Responders

Mandatory Education Requirements

Must complete all mandatory training requirements in a two year registration term to renew First Responder license. The following are the mandatory training requirements per Saskatchewan Health:

  • CPR – BLS Health Care Provider (required yearly)
  • Mechanical Aids to Breathing (including oxygen)
  • Patient Assessment
  • Spinal Immobilization
  • Review of medical and trauma emergencies

Regional Education for First Responders Requirements

Must regularly attend quarterly education meetings held in the region. Meetings are held across the region in seven sites (Davidson, Outlook, Rosetown, Biggar, Kindersley, Kerrobert, Unity), all education is standardized so First Responders can attend at anyone of the seven sites and receive the same information.

  • All meetings start at 7:00pm, last 2 ½ to 3 hours
  • Meetings are spread throughout each quarter to allow easy access to education in more than one site around a First Responder
  • Each meeting also follows a standardized agenda that relays important information to First Responders
  • Each quarter is assigned a standardized education course following a two year plan that follows the First Responders registration term and covers all required mandatory training plus:
    • Year 1 – Quarter 1: Patient Assessment & Medical Emergencies
    • Year 1 – Quarter 2: Spinal Immobilization & Trauma Emergencies
    • Year 1 – Quarter 3: Stroke & Diabetic Emergencies
    • Year 1 – Quarter 4: CPR & Mechanical Aids to Breathing
    • Year 2 – Quarter 1: Cardiac & Respiratory Emergencies
    • Year 2 – Quarter 2: Special Population Groups & Crisis Intervention
    • Year 2 – Quarter 3: Patient Assessment & Medications
    • Year 2 – Quarter 4: CPR & Mechanical Aids to Breathing
  • Overall works out to a commitment of 12 hours per year

Interested in becoming a First Responder?

If you are interested in becoming a First Responder or have any other questions, please contact Jim Cheyne, EMS Care Team Manager at (306) 867-8676 ext419 or Eric Blosky, First Responder Program Coordinator at (306) 882-2672 ext2234.